Enterprise idea

Winone's great love lies in taking responsibility and giving back to the society.Every member of the company will receive the attention, love and care of the enterprise.Always believe that "stay true to your original aspiration, forge ahead, and your dream will shine in the future".We will make unremitting efforts to build an intelligent manufacturing platform, so that intelligent manufacturing can better serve human beings and create the greatest value.

Core values of the company

Customer Success, Self Criticism, Honesty First, Passionate Struggle, Team Work

Mission of the Company

Think carefully and act closely, with intelligent manufacturing to lead the future

Company Vision

Win the largest value,Become a world-class structural parts industry benchmark.

Employee Activities

With rich and colorful activities, the cultural brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people will continue to inherit the cultural beliefs.

The general manager painted eyes for the lion dance

Give red envelope to employees

Annual employee recognition conference

Outing inspection activities

Annual meeting style

The social responsibility

Public Welfare Activities

Winone established the Volunteer Team, carried forward the spirit of "dedication, love and interaction" of volunteers, and actively organized employees to participate in various social public welfare activities, such as planting trees, caring for the elderly in nursing homes, civilized traffic guidance, etc., to create an atmosphere of "everyone participating, happy public welfare".


Intellectual property rights

Winone attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and actively implements the policy of intellectual property rights protection.On the one hand, a special intellectual property rights protection team is set up to fully protect the company's own intellectual property rights through monitoring, evidence collection, complaints, litigation and other methods.


Online Donation Platform

The online donation platform is the first public online donation platform launched by the Winone Foundation and is open to eligible charities for free.Individual users can choose the charity projects they trust through "donation", "donation together" and other ways, so that everyone can make charity a reality.