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Winone was established on September 18, 2018,It is a national high-tech enterprise of internet intelligent manufacturing with automation system integration, with mission to be an excellent overall solutions provider for precision structural parts in the industry.Portfolio focus on: mobile phone, tablet, smart home, wearable device, notebook structure, etc. The main processes are: mold, injection molding, spraying & NCVM, CNC, assembly, etc.Core technology research and development team, for the industry's outstanding overall solution provider of precision structural parts.The company has two campuses in Huizhou, Guangdong province and India.


Development history of Huizhou Winone Precision Technology Co., Ltd

  • In 2002, our business division was established


    Established Sunwoda Precision Plastic Business Unit,supporting the battery business manufacturing shell
    Location: Shiyan Tongfuyu Industry, Bao’an District,Shenzhen

  • In 2006, market expansion


    Cooperated with customers of mobile phone structural parts and small home appliances

  • In 2012, Relocation and Expansion


    Relocated to Shilongzai headquarters and invest in production expansion

  • In 2014, Market expansion


    Cooperated with strategic customer – Xiaomi

  • In 2017, Relocation and Expansion


    Relocated to Boluo Sunwoda Industrial Park and invest in production expansion

  • In 2018, Winone was founded


    On September 18, Winone was established
    The registered capital is 50 million yuan

  • In 2019, Market expansion


    Cooperated with new customers: Amazon, Wingtec,Roborock etc . 

  • In 2020, fully automation


    Registered capital: 83.33 million
    Invest in robots and automation equipment
    Obtain the qualification of national high tech enterprise

  • 2021-2022 share reform, the establishment of intelligent manufacturing plant


    1.Shareholding system, registered capital: 11449.2753 billion yuan
    2.ERP, MES, PLM, QMS, WMS systems work together in all aspects to form a perfect intelligent factory

Business layout